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Just a Diary in English

Yesterday I realized that the best way to  improve my vocabularies  is Using.

So from today, I will write English essay when I don't  have any special topic.

Today I went to baby smile photo with R-chan.

R-chan posted that she is too busy and she doesn't want to have a useless lunch anymore in facebook

I saw that comment so that I couldn't ask her to go lunch.....wwww

Anyway we talked about ourselves and I talked that I yarn for a life overseas.

Actually, I planned to study English in Australia or Malta from November with my family.

But my husband couldn't take Patanity leave.It's really nothing new. I gave up studying abroad many times but I still have ill feeling about it. 

R-chan told me "You don't have a chance to have a long holiday anymore".

Yes I know. I know.!!!!!!


And finally I called "Ryugaku jo-ho-kan" and made an appointment of tomorrow morning.

I may make a plan about studying abroad again.

Also I may be able to report how I study abroad with my 2 sons.www